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UO8 UniPa - Milioto Stefana
University of Palermo
Department of Physics and Chemistry  (WebSite)


Permanent staff
Stefana Milioto, Giuseppe Lazzara; Serena Riela; Nicola Muratore

Graduated students and non permanent staff
Giuseppe Cavallaro (PhD student); F. Parisi


Research activity
The main role of unity at the University of Palermo is to to plan, prepare and characterize new functional nanostructured systems for cleaning and consolidation particularly of wet archaeological wood.
The study will include a complete thermodynamic characterization of the interaction process solid phase / macromolecule, together with a detailed structural characterization of the mixtures.

1) Nano-materials sustainable with the consolidating and protective properties for underwater archaeological finds;

2) Supramolecular systems (environmentally friendly and low impact) for the cleaning of historical and artistic artefacts.

The effectiveness of the new consolidants will be verified by the application on model systems aged in the laboratory and, on samples of archaeological wood.


Available Instrumentation
Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (Q800 TA Instrument)
Density and Sound Velocity Meter. DSA 5000M
Differential scanning calorimeter (MicroDSC III Setaram)
Nano Isothermal Titration Calorimeter (NANO-ITC 200)
Thermogravimetric Analyzer (TGA Q5000 TA)
Spectrofluorometer (FLUOROMAX 3 JOBIN-YVON)


Prof. Stefana Milioto



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