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UO3 UniMiB - Orlandi Marco Emilio
University of Milano Bicocca
Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences (WebSite)


Permanent staff
Marco Orlandi, Zoia Luca, Eeva-Liisa Tolppa,
Francesco Saliu, Carmen Canevali

Graduated students and non permanent staff

Anika Salanti (post doc)


Research activity
The research activity of UniMib unit will be focused on the chemical characterization of biopolymer present in archaeological artefacts. The analytical techniques applied will give information on the state and the mechanisms of degradation processes in action. Also artificial ageing (based on the use of acids, bases, enzymes and ozone) will be used for this investigation.
Moreover the unit will investigate new biomimetic consolidant methodologies.
Our contribution to the project will be aimed to the following objectives:

1) Developing of analytical procedures, and in particular:
- GPC techniques for the investigation of change in molecular weight distribution and connectivity of the major biopolymer fractions (cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin).
- NMR techniques (1H, 13C and 31P) for the chemical characterization of biopolymer in archaeological artefacts trough the quantification of the different functional groups.
- HPLC-MS techniques for the characterization of minority and with lower molecular weight components of biopolymer (polyphenols, lipids).
The results will be integrated with the analyses of other units in order to obtain a complete understanding of their conservation and the mechanisms of degradation in action.

2) Developing of new biopolymer consolidation techniques that will be biologically inspire. The units will investigate the use of oxidative coupling of phenols as consolidant, mimic the biosynthesis of lignin. Moreover the units will investigate the application of nanocrystalline cellulose in wood conservation.


Available Instrumentation
Liquid chromatograph Agilent 1100 coupled with UV-Vis
detector Agilent 1000 equipped with PLgel column Agilent
HPLC-MS (ESI and APCI) Shimadzu 5500 liquid chromatograph system
FT-IR IS10 Nicolet (Thermo Scientific)
Bruker 600 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectrometer
Bruker 500 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectrometer
Varian 400 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectrometer
EPR Bruker


Prof. Marco Orlandi



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