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UO7 UniCa - Rossi Antonella
University of Cagliari
Department of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry  (WebSite)


Permanent staff
Antonella Rossi, Davide Atzei, Bernhard Elsener, Marzia Fantauzzi, Gabriele Navarra

Graduated students and non permanent staff
Manuela Pisu (PhD student), Luisa Ganadu (post doc)


Research activity
The main tasks are the analytical characterization of the surfaces of metal materials (archaeological objects, coins, pieces of jewellery etc.), of glasses and of organic materials (paper, cellulose) in the “as received” state and the investigation of the evolution of deterioration vs. time.

Two lines of research:

1) development of analytical techniques for the diagnosis of the surface of materials constituting the cultural heritage.
- non-destructive method to determine composition profiles of the surface in the nano-meter range (XPS, ARXPS, MEM) on materials of interest to the restoration and protection of cultural heritage.
- Analysis of copper (bronze) alloys, context of playing and conserving historical brass music instruments.
- Complementary analysis of the outmost surface composition by ToF-SIMS

2) investigation of the physical-chemical changes related to environmental parameters (UV, humidity, gases) on deterioration.
- the investigation of the formation of natural protective films (e.g. oxides)
- development and characterization, prior and after their application of tailor-made polymers (collaboration with UO Sassari)
- the investigation of the alterations and of the decay of these protective films (both oxidic and organic in nature) when they are exposed to an environment with different relative humidity in the presence of radiation (light, UV) and polluting atmospheric agents.


Available Instrumentation
• XPS Spectrometer (ThetaProbe)
• Microscope Axiolab - ZEISS
• Potentiostatic and galvanostatic device Jaissle – Berlino
• Potentiostatic and galvanostatic device EG&G mod. 273
• XPS Spectrometer (ESCALAB 200) ; XPS / XAES spectrometer, Al and Mg anode SEM / SAM, Auger spectroscopy


Prof. Antonella Rossi



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