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UO4 CNRPg - Miliani Costanza
National Research Council (CNR)
Institute of Molecular Science and Technologies, Perugia  (WebSite)


Permanent staff
Costanza Miliani, Laura Cartechini, Francesca Rosi, Aldo Romani (Dip. di Chimica UNIPG)

Graduated students and non permanent staff
Antonio Sgamellotti, Bruno Brunetti (SMAArt, UNIPG), Letizia Monico, Chiara Anselmi, Manuela Vagnini, Brenda Doherty, David Buti (post doc), Chiara Grazia (PhD student), Celeste Maurich (graduated student)


Research activity
The role of Perugia Research Unit is to develop integrated spectroscopic methods for:
1) in situ study of paintings degradation processes;
2) the control of cleaning, consolidation and protection systems.

1) study (in situ) of paintings’ alteration processes in particular:
- Study of degradation phenomena induced by the interaction of copper-based pigments with lipid binders; (infrared non-invasive techniques will be employed to detect possible forms of chelation and / or saponification. IR, Raman and XRD techniques will be used to study the changes in the crystal structure of the pigments).
- Study of photophysical and photochemical properties of eosin-Y

2) develop of integrated analytical methods to map the distribution of organic materials used in restored stone.


Available Instrumentation
bench-top instruments:
• Micro-Raman
• Micro-FTIR
• UV-vis spectroscopy

and mobile ones:
• Micro-Raman*
• mid-FTIR
• Fiber optic near-FTIR
• UV-vis abs/em*
• NMR Mouse • XRD


Prof. Costanza Miliani

Dott. Chiara Anselmi



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