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UO5 UniFi - Becucci Maurizio
University of Firenze
Department of Chemistry  (WebSite)


Permanent staff
Maurizio Becucci, Marilena Ricci, Marcello Picollo, Emilio Castellucci

Graduated students and non permanent staff
Cristiana Lofrumento (post doc) Elisa Ghelardi (PhD student),
Elena Platania, Serena Carlesi


Research activity
The Research Unity at the University of Florence contributes to the aims of the present project with activities:

1) development of advanced analytical methods based on electronic and vibrational spectroscopy, to detect and characterize materials in artworks such as organic dyes, binders, consolidants and protective as well as related products of degradation.
In particular
- Study of the degradation processes that interest the organic materials, and their surrounding chemical environment, in paintings induced by artificial ageing tests.
- Study of the binding medium - pigment (samples) interaction taking into consideration their chemical compositions and the environmental conditions surrounding the samples. - Study of paint systems based on synthetic organic colorants and modern/ contemporary binders. The macroscopic behaviour of these systems under diverse environmental parameters will be investigated by using non-invasive electronic and vibrational spectroscopic techniques.

2) Development of integrated methodologies, both under instrumental and chemometric-statistic elaboration of the data aspects, to evaluate the degradation state of the objects.

3) Superficial cleaning and diagnosis: new materials and prospects.


Available Instrumentation
Renishaw single grating (1200 grooves/mm) RM2000 micro-Raman spectrometer, coupled with an optical Leica microscope and a CCD thermo-cooled detector (578 x 400 pixels).
FT-IR Spectrum100 PerkinElmer spectrophotometer
Spectrometer for fluorescence/LIBS/pulsed Raman
Zeiss CS601and MCS611 NIR 2.2 WR portable spectra-analyzers (mounted on single chassis).
UV-Vis-NIR (Perkin-Elmer Lambda1050) double beam and double monochromatic workbench spectrophotometer.
FTIR Bruker Alpha. Portable FTIR spectrometer


Prof. Maurizio Becucci



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