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UO2 UniTo - Chiantore Oscar
University of Torino
Department of Chemistry  (WebSite)


Permanent staff
Oscar Chiantore, Diana Eliano, Tommaso Poli

Graduated students and non permanent staff
Chiara Riedo (post doc)


Research activity
The Research Unity at the University of Torino contributes to the aims of the present project with activities inserted in the line concerning development of innovative materials and methodologies for conservation and restoration of artistic artefacts. The proposed study will be focused in specific way on development of hydrogels and high viscosity polymeric dispersion useful for restoration and cleaning procedures and for diagnostic purposes. The main goal of the present RU is to prepare polymeric gels with tunable mechanical properties, suitable for cultural heritage application, starting from economically and environmentally friendly compounds. Study will be addressed to implementation of characteristic and applicability of systems already described and to setting up new materials with best performance and easier to be monitored.

Research will be planned in three steps:
1) Preparation of new gelling systems and laboratory tests;
2) Application on laboratory specimens and evaluation of efficiency, stability and removability;
3) Experimentation on real cases.


Available Instrumentation
Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer (DMA - TA)
FTIR Microscope Thermo Spectra-Tech Continuum for transmissiom, reflection and ATR measurements
Agilent 6890 Network GC System with Agilent 5973 Mass Selective Detector /GC/MS)and CDS Analytical Pyroprobe 1000 unit interfaced
FTIR spectrophotometer Thermo Nicolet Nexus with horizontal ATR accessory Thermo Nicolet
Rheometer Discovery HR-1 (TA-Instruments)


Prof. Oscar Chiantore



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